Liliana BustamanteSeptember 29, 2017
I feel very content to have the opportunity to work as a Realtor in America's Real Estate Force and to be guided by an excellent Broker, Jorge Roque.Rayme RodriguezSeptember 28, 2017
Joining this company was one of the best decisions I've ever made!Dante EscobedoJuly 18, 2017
Flavio Centeno JrJune 7, 2017
It has a professional enthusiastic and positive Broker with the last technology and support . Nadia CarreraMarch 14, 2017

We Coach Our Agents

“With The Most Innovative Approach to Real Estate Sales Coaching in the History of Our Industry.”

90-Day Coaching Boot camp

Our coaching & training Boot camp is a step-by-step redesign of your real estate practice, covering every single aspect of your entire real estate business. From Beginning to End. From A to Z. Every. Single. Thing. We leave no stone unturned. If it involves making you lots of money, we teach it!

Our sales training is the exact opposite of the old-fashioned, outdated training programs you’re familiar with that use sales scripts that are not only high pressure and uncomfortable for you, but they are also stupid and ineffective.

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Join America's Force

And Start Making Money
  • $259 / year Technology Fee

  • 80/20 Split – Cap at $15,000 / year, then 100% Split

  • Profit Sharing ($250/closing)

  • One-On-One Mentoring (Start Making Money ASAP)

  • In-house Real Estate Lawyer & Title Company

  • E&O for All Transactions

  • 100% Paperless Office

  • Cloud-Based Transaction Management

  • Branded HomeSnap PRO

  • Company Email

  • No Monthly Fees

Free Start-Up Kit

  • 500 business cards

  • Nike Polo Shirt With Your Name & Logo

  • 10 Full Color Branded Presenation Folders with Logo

Example of Profit Sharing:

Your Referred Agents working with our office: 4

Closings from your referred agent this month: 4 x $250

You earned this month: $1,000 – How could you use this additional income?

Ask yourself: Am I making in real estate less money than what I want?

If the answer is yes, we are here to help you change that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join America's Real Estate Force?


  1. Our main goal is to make you a strong, experienced and productive agent. Therefore, our training & coaching are focused on teaching you to generate an income ASAP. You will learn how to find new clients so you never depend on buying leads or being used as a resource in a team. We will also teach you to get your transactions done right from the start avoiding costly mistakes and/or legal consequences.
  2. Our broker will back you up. We will support and represent you in front of your clients and/or other agents.
  3. Our resources, offered to our agents, are similar than what you would find at most large franchise and brand name real estate brokerages without their high capping split and monthly fees.

Do I need to be a member of a Local Realtor Association?

No, but we strongly encourage it. If you decide you do not need the MLS, tools and resources we have an option for you.

How will I know all of the company procedures?

Our Office Policy Manual is detailed and easy to read. You can always turn to that from in The Force Network

Is E&O insurance included?


Are there any additional or hidden fees?

No. We only charge a $259/year fee to keep up with current and new technologies.

What is the sign-up process and how long does it take.

Step 1 – Click here to take you to the registration page. There, you will be prompted to enter your Point-of-Contact information (for Agent Profile).

Step 2 – Click “Join Online Now‘, done.

During normal business hours, the entire process can take less than ten minutes and you will receive via email the login to our Intranet.

How do you earn residual income?

Easy! Just bring an agent onboard and earn $250 per sales/listing closings of your agents, as long as you stay with the company. There is not max or limits.

Ex. Your agents have 4 closings this month = $1,000 for you.

What would you pay with this extra money? Marketing material, cell phone, car payment?

When I close a transaction how do I collect my check?

At closing. All that is required from you is to complete the transaction entry in our cloud-based transaction management software, The Force Network, and submit the request for table funding.

Am I allowed to manage properties?

As an agent of America’s Real Estate Force, you are only to provide services of Real Estate permitted under licensing law. If you would like to form a separate entity or corporation to have a management business or any other business that is your choice.

What is required to become a member?

You must have a FL real estate license. You must also agree to our terms and conditions, the Independent Contractor Agreement and promise to follow the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and Practices.

Would I be able to enter my listings in the MLS?


Does America's Real Estate Force. do training for its agents?

Yes! Our training focuses on building you as a strong & productive agent so you can generate an income ASAP. If you are brand new we encourage you to take advantage of what we offer in addition to everything your local Realtor Association offers with your membership. Keep in mind this fact, 95% of the new agents fail within 2 years because they didn’t have the real training they needed to succeed. 

Do I have to go to meetings/trainings?

No, but you will be missing a very solid live training. 

Where do I buy signs & business cards?

Once you join you will be able to order signs and business cards right from our Intranet. Our vendors have our designs set up and ready to go, all you have to do is go to their website and select the style of a business card or sign you need, place the order online and within a few days you will have your promotional material.

We also have an apparel store so if you would like to order business shirts, polos or promotional materials with our logo you can also do that at a very affordable price.

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